5 Tips That Will Improve Your Agario Play Experience

Agario makes the gamers feel addictive as the goal of this browser is to take other players and create the color of the circles to grow the size. Many gamers feel attracted with this game and take this game as one of the best choice to fill your spare time. It offers two team modes and FFA modes. Most of players take team mode as their favourite as the players will manage how to keep survive by hiding around the other players. It gives you higher chances of taking out others when your grow is larger. Believe, this game is really fun even you are a newbie on this game. To get the best point and keep survive from this game, below aret the tips which you can consider it:

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1.    You can hide at the back of viruses when you feel small
It is one of the way to improve your Agario Play Experience. But, it is a risk when you are being a tiny lump as without a second thought the larger player will get in after you. You can hide at the back of the viruses which are feared by the bigger blobs and take the benefit from that viruses untill you feel that you are larger enough.

2.    Take the benefit from the viruses to against the rival
Virus can help you in recording or against your rival. You just need to give food to all the viruses and then it will explode the opponent into some pieces.

3.    Remember the edges side and corners part
You can take advantage of the edges side. You can take the edges side and corners part to make the opponents helpless. You can infiltrate them until they don’t have place and choice to run.

4.    Fake dirrection when trapped
Your cell is important when you get success in creating the level to become higher. Once you get trapped at near of the borders, fake is taking out one direction and then take another route. You will easy to get off the connect as the bigger cells are slow.

5.    Divide yourself
When you are getting bigger, then your speeds are getting slower. Divide yourself to make simply splite so that you can be faster move and then infiltrate the smaller lumps which are in around you